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Outdoor ground - it is a 33 meters by 89 meters ground. It is especially suitable for dressage.

Stable - you can board your horses in stable boxe.

Paddocks – the horses can enjoy good weather in comfortable and spacious paddocks.

Rules and Regulations in the MClub:

• The ranch is open from 8am to 7pm daily.
• The use of horse riding helmets is obligatory during riding. Adult horse owners who have their horses boarded at our ranch are exempt from this regulation; however, by doing so they take responsibility for their own safety. The owners of the ranch recommend the wearing of helmets even for them.
• Smoking is prohibited on the ranch property. It is allowed only at designated places.
• Riders must wear safe clothing, which is suitable for riding. For more information on this please ask the personnel of the ranch.
• Persons in a drunken state are not allowed to enter the ranch.
• Visitors are not allowed to enter the stable boxes and the paddocks.
• The doors and gates of the stable boxes and paddocks must be kept close all the time.
• All persons entering the ranch take responsibility for their own safety. The personnel, management and the owners of the ranch bear no responsibility for anybody’s safety.
• Persons are obliged to take responsibility for any damages, which are a result of their own actions.

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