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Just like in the Wild West you can see cowboys and their horses on our ranch too. The main task of the other inhabitants of the resort is to teach western-style horseback riding to our guest on all levels.
A riding course for beginners starts with riding on a lunge in our riding school (33 x 60 m). This is of course done under the supervision of an instructor. The next step is practicing riding in our riding school paddock in order to practice the skills obtained through riding on a lunge. This is done until the rider can fully control the horse and is ready to go for a horse ride in the countryside.

After acquiring basic skills we offer further training in western-style horseback riding.
Horseback riding has a therapeutic effect on people. It has beneficial effects even for the healthy: it improves people's posture and their movement coordination; it helps them get rid of stress, it makes them stronger, and it improves their emotional balance.

What is more, taking care of a horse, such as preparing it for a ride, cleaning it, saddling it etc. gradually builds a close relationship between man and horse. As many experts say, horses can help people even psychologically because working with a horse requires people to be deliberate, calm, gentle as well as to be self confident and patient at the same time. This is what horses teach us to be like whenever we are with them.

Hypotherapy is also known to have beneficial effects in the treatment of ill and disabled people. Come to our ranch and see and experience it for yourself.

For horse owners we offer full-care horse boarding and training. This includes basic and advanced horseback riding training for the owner and training and regular riding of the horse.

We will also take care of young horses and gradually prepare them for saddle training. We will train them to become good and safe saddle horses so their owners will enjoy riding on them. We can also teach further skills according to the owners' special requirements.

Horseback riding
We train horseback riding on all levels. Children can ride ponies from an early age. Beginners start with riding on a lunge. Later, they ride a horse in the riding school paddock or in the riding hall. Finally, they can ride on our horse riding grounds or in the countryside.

Teaching horseback riding:

• On lunge, without a lunge, in groups
• Previous to the training we assess the riding skills of all riders, no matter if they want to ride a pony or a horse.
• For regular riders we offer discounted season tickets.
• The time of each training session must be agreed with the horse riding instructor in advance.
• How children can get to know horses

The instructor is walking by the pony and he is leading it while the child is sitting in the saddle. This way the child will feel safe while getting to know a horse.

Riding on a lunge
The instructor is leading the horse on a four to eight-meter long lunge. The instructor stands in the middle, the horse is moving around him.

Training without a lunge
The new rider leads the horse on his own according to the trainer’s instructions. In this case several riders might follow the trainer at the same time who rides a horse in the front.

Riding in the countryside
Experienced riders can go on a ride in the surrounding countryside. They can go on rides with an accompanying leading rider for up to several hours. The countryside around the ranch is stunning in all seasons. There are vast, peaceful forests around the ranch. Riding in the countryside is allowed only with an accompanying leader.

Dressage, show jumping
Experienced riders can improve their dressage and show jumping skills at our ranch. The club is lead by professional trainers.

Team building and parties for children
Companies can hold team building events and other informal gatherings at our ranch. The participants can go horseback riding. We also provide catering services. Why have your child’s birthday party in a fast-food restaurant? Let your children invite their friends to our ranch, where they can ride a horse.

Horse boarding
We provide high-level, full-care horse boarding along with additional services (vet's supervision, shoeing smith, occasional or regular riding of your horse, breaking in of a horse, breeding of foals etc.).

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